Saturday, October 10, 2015

90s fashion and beauty trends that I love.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am excessively proud of being born in the 90s. Thanks mom and dad, I guess! 
For me, the 90s were the Golden Years for almost everything: fashion, film, music, etc. Don't even get me started on the cartoons that were on TV throughout the decade. YES, I am one of those twenty-somethings who are overly nostalgic about their childhood. And no, I'm not ashamed. 

Anyway, for quite a while now, 90s trends have been all the rage again. So I am obviously living the dream right now. Of course, not ALL trends were that great - super thin brows, I'm looking at you. But I do have a few favorites. These trends are the absolute best of the 90s in my opinion, I just love them. Check them out!

1. TOPSHOP MOTO Vintage Mom Jeans // 2. H&M Mom Jeans // 3. TOPSHOP MOTO Mid-blue Mom Jeans  

Don't let the name fool you, mom jeans are one of the coolest trends around. You can find them in almost any tone of demin. High-waisted and SUPER comfortable, these jeans are an absolute 90s favorite! 

1. Boots No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Cinnamon Swirl // 2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry // 3. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga

Vampy lips were a big thing back in the 90s. And thank God, the trend is back. I absolutely love it! I think this shade suites everyone and can help any outfit looked pulled together and sophisticated. 

1. BCBGeneration Faux Pearl Choker // 2. Boohoo Rhea 90's Stretchy Tattoo Choker // 3. Boohoo Melika Plain Velvet Choker

I can't even express how obsessed with chokers I am. I remember when I was about 6 years old, the cool and older girls in my school would wear them and I would just stare in awe. Sixteen years later, chokers are a huge style staple for me. 

1. Rock and Rags Ribbed Skater Dress // 2. Opening Ceremony Women's Clos Short Sleeve Flare Dress in Black // 3. New Look Green Ditsy Floral Bardot Skater Dress 

I have a confession to make: I own more skater dresses than pants and I love it. Skater dresses are feminine yet casual and can be worn in any temperature (for colder days just add tights!) Nothing screams "90s" louder than a floral skater dress paired with Dr. Martens. 

1. Glamorous Grey Ribbed High Neck Crop Top // 2. Glamorous Light Blue Cropped Fluffy Jumper // 3.  TOPSHOP  Petite Exclusive Striped Crop Top

Crop tops are the perfect sidekick to high-waisted pants, shorts or skirts. They're also pretty versatile since you can find them in various forms; sweaters, tank tops, or plain t-shirts. Oh, and they also let you show some skin comfortably. See, Kelly Kapowski loved them so you just can't lose with crop tops. 

1. H&M Pleated Skirt // 2. MADEWELL Inkcheck Mini Skirt // 3. Blackfive Asymmetric-hem Zipped Slim Plaid Skirt 

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. CLUELESS. Well, you're right. Clueless marked an iconic moment in 90s fashion. Plaid skirts were practically Cher's everyday uniform and no wonder why. To this day, plaid skirts are a style staple. They're just amazing. 

1. Miss Selfridge Cable Knit Jumper in Cream // 2. New Look Orange Jacquard Stripe Turtle Neck Crop Top // 3. Boohoo Lara Turtle Neck Short Sleeved Top 

When I was little my mom convinced me of wearing a turtle neck sweater for my birthday party because of the cold and well, because she used to pick my clothes. I hated it. But I honestly have to say, turtle or high neck tops have grown on me quite a lot. I think they're classy. Now that I actually dress myself I choose to wear them. 

And there they are! These are my favorite fashion and beauty trends from the 90s. Thank God they came back, am I right? What are your favorites? Talk to you soon! 

Love, Adrienne. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sporty trend.

If there's a trend I'm absolutely loving right now, it's the sporty trend.

I'm going to be honest here and admit that when I first heard about this trend I automatically assumed I would hate it. And it did take a while to grow on me. But right now I think it's amazing. I love how fresh and juvenile it is while still being chic and sophisticated. As you can see, my favorite colors to wear this trend in would be black, gray or white. You can go all out with this trend or just wear an accessory. It really is very versatile. I actually added three T by Alexander Wang items, two from H&M and two Nike ones, can't deny I'm a big fan of these brands! Not to mention they fit the trend oh-so-perfectly.

Here are the nine pieces I picked!


I loved this backpack. It's definitely the type of bag to spice up your everyday school look. Tough as nails and high fashion. 

This bra would look amazing beneath a loose top I think. I really like the black and white stripes. 

I want to wear this as a crop top so bad. I know it's a bikini top but like I said before: versatility is key here, guys.

This dress is what dreams are made of. I love everything about it. Fabric, color, shape, it's all good! I really want to pair it with running shoes. Maybe the ones I'll mention next?

I literally need to have these shoes. Either these or the white ones I will mention next. I have completely fallen for running shoes and I am not getting up anytime soon.

These sneakers remind me of when I was about 16 and had to buy all-white sneakers for school but also wanted to buy a stylish pair. I got these and they were a big deal for me back then. Now, they are back in style! 

 Satin track shorts? Yes, please! Whether you're actually running track or just hanging out, the relaxed fit on these shorts will make you look effortlessly cool. 

I am very much into wearing sweatpants when I'm not even working out. So why not wear these nice ones from T by Alexander Wang? The fit is lovely.

Again, I need these shoes! Black or white, they're both so beautiful and the print is just awesome. 

These are nine items that I really liked from the sporty trend. This trend is definitely one that I will be wearing more of. I just love it! What do you think of it?

Kiss, Adrienne. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Favorite Color Combos: Pink + Red

Hey all! 

I had been thinking about starting a "Favorite Color Combos" series and I finally did it. It's been a while since I posted anything about fashion and I seriously couldn't have gotten more excited.

So, these are the items of clothing and accessories in this post's color combo: pink and red. I love the way the two colors work together. Red is such a vibrant and look-at-me color while this shade of pink is soft and girly. I think they balance each other out perfectly. 

Check them out!

I chose this beautiful shade of nail polish because it's simply a fashion staple for me. No matter how much I change my nail color I always go back to this coral red. Also, I think it goes well with any skin tone!

This pink nail polish reminds me a bit of bubble gum. I love that it is a happy color but it can also look sophisticated. 

I can't even begin to explain how much I loved this top! It's so whimsical and it has the two colors featured in this post. I adore the collar, it's so clever.  

I LOVE Charlotte Olympia's kitty flats. I seriously need to get my hands on a pair. I like that there are different styles of the kitty flat but I definitely think the classic one is my favorite. These are so adorable.

I think I fell in love with this dress. The texture, color and shape work just perfectly. 

I think these retro-style sunglasses are very pretty. They look so fresh and are so perfect for summer. 

The scallops on this tote are so cute! I love Kate Spade bags, they're so roomy, durable and pretty!

When I saw these pumps I immediately thought of Dorothy's slippers from the Wizard Of Oz. I love how the heel is not very tall and can be worn anywhere. 

These little earrings are so classy and sweet. As you can probably tell, I love anything Kate Spade and these earrings are no exception!

There they are! Nine pieces that go with this post's color combo. Be sure to stay tuned for more of this series. Talk to you soon!

Love, Adrienne. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scream Queens.

I've always loved a great horror movie/TV show. And I also adore a storyline about bad b*tches who dress incredibly chic. So naturally, when I found out about Ryan Murphy's new TV series Scream Queens, I was beyond excited. I feel like it channels my personality on many levels. 

Powerful women, laugh-out-loud comedy, nail-biting terror and amazingly stylish outfits, oh my!

It's going to be about a college campus that is "rocked by a series of murders". Interesting! The show will have Emma Roberts playing sorority sister Chanel Oberlin who from what I can tell is not only beautiful and classy but also a bit evil. I think she will be a very interesting character (I mean, her name is CHANEL, what more do you need?!) and I can't wait to see how the series turns out. 

Ryan Murphy also created American Horror Story and Glee. And people are saying Scream Queens will be sort of a mix between the two. Count me in! 

It is set to air this fall. 

Scream Queens is me, people. It is totally me. 

love, Adrienne.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Elsa from Frozen: battling a mental illness?

As told by a Hell lot of Gifs.

This post contains spoilers about the movie Frozen.

Everyone knows Frozen, right?


Disney's animated film about Princess Anna and her sister, Queen Elsa. And how the latter has had magical ice powers since she was born and how she's kept them hidden from society and more importantly, her sister. Until the day of her coronation during an argument with Anna she loses control of her emotions and her powers are revealed for everyone to see. People don't understand what's going on and get scared. Some old guy even calls her a witch and a monster. Elsa then decides to escape to a far away mountain, alone. 

In the end, the sisterly love/bond of the two girls proves to be stronger than any other thing. It really is a beautiful tale. And if you haven't seen it yet, seriously go do it. 


Ever since I watched the first six minutes of the movie I immediately related to Elsa. Anna had fallen on the icy ground unconscious because one of Elsa's ice rays (?) had struck her while they were playing. Accidentally, of course. By the moment their parents enter the scene I was a total mess. I was literally bawling. How many times had I not lived a similar situation in my childhood? Minus the amazing ice powers, of course. 

This is totally me every time I watch Frozen

I don't want to get all personal here but I try to be as open about my mental disorder as I can possibly be. Because when I first found out I had (Bipolar Disorder) I thought about every person who might be struggling with some disease similar to mine and can't find the help they need. In order for people to treat themselves, we need to fight the stigma against mental illness and inform everyone about it. So that's a great reason for me to be an advocate about something that is so close to my heart. 

And then, Disney comes out with this new movie. I watch it, and beside making me cry like an infant, it becomes evident to me that Elsa's powers are actually a metaphor for mental illnesses. Especially those like Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (which are incidentally the ones I have experienced). Of course, I don't actually know if Disney intended for this but if they did, they aced it! 

Here are the reasons why I think the movie is based on mental disorders:

  • The way Elsa acts in general.

This reason is made up of various little clues. 

1. Elsa's powers seem to get worse depending on her emotions. 


For someone who's dealing with a mental sickness being stressed or scared (or even tired) can mean that the symptoms are going to become more pronounced. Small, everyday problems become issues that seem unsolvable.  Fears are heightened and actions reflect the illness rather than one's true self. In the movie we can see that every time Elsa feels cornered or afraid, her powers literally burst out from her. I have to admit that would be kinda cool. 

I could be all like, "I said, get the Hell out of my face!" BOOM, icicles all over the place. 


Okay, back to business.

2. Elsa is afraid to hurt her loved ones, in this case, Anna. And when she does she only becomes more distant. 
Diseases hurt people. And they not only hurt those who have the disease. Many times, loved ones' feelings get hurt because of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is because family and friends don't fully understand what is happening and enter a stage of denial. Another reason is that relatives may think they're helping by doing things a certain way when sadly things need to be done differently. When this happens, no one is at fault. This is seen in Frozen, when Anna insists on going after Elsa and gets her heart frozen. Although, there's no doubt she means well and again, this is really no one's fault. 

Right in the feels

3. Elsa feels guilty because of her powers.
Guilt is one of the main feelings involved in a mental illness. It's hard being sick and trying to understand the fact that it is not your fault. Symptoms in a mental illness are often mistaken by one's character or personality. That's why knowledge is power. The more one learns about an illness's symptoms the more they can be told apart from one's personal traits. In the film, Elsa repeatedly says that she needs to get away so she "won't hurt anyone". Also, her crippling guilt is shown in almost everything she does. Her eyes just scream "Guilt, guilt, guilt" ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. 

If this here doesn't break your heart, I declare you heartless

4. Elsa failing to control her powers.
When someone who suffers from a mental disorder is not being treated, things can spiral out of control really quickly. Also, denial from the person suffering the disease can really worsen the situation. Accepting that one is sick and needs help is key. This happens to Elsa rather frequently in the movie and it doesn't help that she is told (in a very colorful and terrifying way) by a troll that fear would be her worst enemy. And well, that's exactly what happened. Jesus, Grandpa Troll, could you try to be less insensitive?


5. Elsa's need to be alone


It is quite normal for people who are sick to push family and friends away. The reason this happens is because the one who is sick feels like they can only be themselves while they are alone. Shame is usually a feeling that paralyzes patients with a mental illness. Elsa runs away so she can be alone and free. Here is the part when she sings "Let it Go" and embraces her badass self. 


  • Anna's confusion and disappointment

Loved ones many times have feelings of confusion or helplessness especially when the existence of a mental illness has not been considered. It can be very difficult to try to understand someone's  "weird behavior", which is actually caused by the illness's symptoms. Anna shows her confusion towards Elsa's behavior on more than one occasion. The memory of her sister's powers is wiped from her mind and she doesn't know why her sister shuts her out and pushes her away. 

  • The way society sees Elsa
Stigma is a big issue when it comes to mental disorders. As someone with one I can honestly say it happens a lot. And it is very annoying. The main reason stigma exists is because people don't even bother to educate themselves and in turn judge others like there's no tomorrow. I mean, GOD DAMN, just because you can't see my illness it doesn't mean it's not real. Like I mentioned above, Elsa gets called a monster and a witch. She is also led to believe she is a danger to herself and everyone else (this happens waaaay too much in the real world). And at one point in the movie she even gets chained to a wall. Personally, I've never been called a witch or a monster (at least not to my face, haha), and I've certainly never been chained to a wall. But this still happens in some places of the world, which is sad. And well, I have been treated like I could be a danger to myself and others. As if I weren't capable of change. All in all, stigma sucks a**. 

Chill, little dude. If Elsa had wanted to hurt you, she would've.

  • Anna's faith in her sister

In contrast to the stigma, there is something pretty amazing: family and friends who support you. If I've ever been blessed with something, it's my family and friends. Those people who want to honestly help you and try their hardest to understand what you're going through. When you get over a rough patch they are sincerely happy for you and cheer you on in the process. I think that this is the most admirable thing ever. God Bless you family & friends, you rock. In the movie Anna never loses faith in her sister. She constantly reminds Elsa that she is there for her and shows this in her actions. This is the true definition of sisterly love. 

  • Elsa finally finding solace in her true self
Yep, mental illnesses hurt and are super hard to battle. But I believe humans have so much strength inside us and we can ultimately defeat even the most terrible of situations. When treatment is given and taken in the right way, patients get so much better. Life gets good again, trust me, it does. At the end of Frozen, Elsa finds that she was capable of handling her powers after all. She embraces them and is able to enjoy the upside that comes with being the way she is. This happens with people who are sick, too.

There is a little detail that actually made Frozen's resemblance to mental illness so much stronger for me. At the beginning, Elsa's dad gives her a pair a gloves so she can control her powers better. When I was little, I washed my hands too often because of my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and my hands were so dry that they had started to bleed. And my parents had a great idea, before bed I would put some moisturiser on my hands and then place a pair of cotton gloves on and go to sleep. When I saw Elsa's gloves I practically got hit in the heart, haha.

The fact that I have a sister who has fought beside me every step of the way also made the resemblance stronger. 


So there they are. All the reasons why Frozen probably is about mental illness. I love this movie and it speaks to me on so many levels. I hope it helps fight some of the stigma and I hope other movies can, too. Thanks for reading and have a kick-ass day. 

love, Adrienne. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Positivity Boosters on a tight schedule.

A while back, I wrote a few activities that I consider to be "Positivity Boosters" for when you're feeling exhausted or just plain gloomy. And I can swear that they work! I've tried them all. But the thing is, that while they are very efficient, we may not always have those 10 extra minutes to take a longer hot bath. With school and work and all, we may find ourselves practically running out the door and not feeling so great. 

So, whether you're feeling physically ill or just got the blues, I came up with these 6 "Positivity Boosters" that are sure to make you feel better while also saving you some precious time!

1. Have a "just in case" backup plan.
 If you read my blog regularly, I think you might know that I'm a bit of a control freak. I seriously like to think of anything that could happen in the future and plan it out so I can be prepared. I keep a planner and also write down anything that comes to mind so I'm sure that I won't forget it. A lot of people (example: my friends) would think that it's exhausting to live like this but the thing is, that I really enjoy doing things this way. So my advice to you, is that sometimes it would be nice for yourself to have sort of a backup plan. A "just in case I have a bad morning/afternoon" plan. Decide on how you will handle the situation if it ever comes up. You'll thank yourself that you thought about it beforehand, trust me. 

2. Have a go-to "feel good" outfit. 
When I am in a bad mood everything seems to piss me off. But the biggest pet peeve I can encounter in the morning I think is; looking awful in an outfit that I somehow thought looked nice on me before. Whether I feel fat or my legs look as pale as the moon, it just contributes to making my morning less bearable. So, I have a few go-to outfits that I know for certain look good on me. If I put one of those on there's one less problem on my mind. So I recommend you do the same. Figure out which of your clothes look best on you and pick an outfit in which you can do no wrong. Feeling great in an outfit is something that I consider to be seriously underrated. 

3. Count your blessings. 
This one is perhaps the hardest step for most people. When you're having a bad time, being grateful is probably the last thing on your mind. But I have personally realized that being thankful for what you have been given, is one of life's greatest joys. When we're young we sometimes don't realize just how good we have it, how much God or the Universe has given to each of us. I used to seriously hate when people said to me; "You could have it worse...". Those words wouldn't just not help me, but put me in a much worse mood. I thought it made the person saying it sound so condescending, and it kind of does. So at risk of sounding like one of those people, I really advice you to take a small step back and look at all you have been given. I think we all have our own little blessings/miracles to be grateful for. 

4. Have a "pick me up".
This is sort of a no-brainer. Especially if what's bothering you is a really bad migraine or the flu. Feeling sick but not sick enough to miss school or your job, really sucks. The solution? Take a pill. Maybe an Aspirin for a headache or a Tums for an aching tummy. I'm not talking about self-medicating though, just a little "pick me up" for until you have time to go see a doctor if the pain continues. Another good solution is tea. I used to be very skeptical towards how tea could really change how you're feeling. Until, one day I was freaking out (don't ask me why) and drank a cup of it and felt totally better. I will never again underestimate the power of a good cup of tea.

5. Try to smile more.
I was reading an article the other day, about how smiling can instantly improve your mood. I was impressed! It really does have to do with science. When we're happy; we smile as a respond. It can work the other way too! If you smile; you can convince your body that you are actually feeling good. It really is amazing. Another small tip: every morning, decide that something good is going to happen and that you are in an awesome kick a*s mood!

6. Buy a Minimergency Kit or make your own.
I think a definite must have in my purse/bag/backpack will forever and always be Pinch Provision's Minimergency Kits. These little guys are huge lifesavers (oh, the irony)! They are amazing compact kits that include sample sizes of things like; clear nail polish, a sewing kit, earring backs, nail polish remover towelettes, deodorant towelettes, stain remover towelettes, a tiny hairspray bottle, and more! They come in really adorable packages, I have a turquoise one at the moment. I use the Minimergency ones because they are so easy to carry around. But check out their site, they have bigger survival kits. Having one of these, can assure you that you will always be prepared! If you live in Mexico or another country other than the US, you can simply make your own emergency kit. Just stuff a cosmetics bag with your daily essentials and you are ready to take on the world! 

I hope you found all these tips helpful! 

xo, Adrienne. 

Like a sister.

I've said this many times before; family is the most important thing to me. My family members are those who make my life brighter and a bit more bearable with every day that goes by. 

I've also mentioned my baby cousin before. This little girl (she's not a baby anymore but I can't seem to grasp that concept...), means the world to me. She was born when I was 10 years old, and since then, I've considered her a little sister. We have always spent a lot of quality time together and I really think that we're very much alike. 

She's about to turn 11 this year and I swear that every time I see her she just looks more and more grown up, which sort of kills me inside. I just want to hold on to her 3 year old self forever. The nostalgia is just too much. 

This year when I turned 21, she wrote me the sweetest letter. I still cry when I read it, I'm such a softie. I love how even though I have like 30 other cousins (seriously), everyone seems to know that at family dinners her seat is always the one next to mine. I love all my cousins the same, but there is just something about my little one that makes our bond super special. 

I'm the one on the left, I was about 12. My sister is the one on the right and my lil' cousin is the one in the middle. Look at that cute little face!

I think that I will forever have her in my mind as this adorable baby whom I used to take care of. I still take care of her, only now she is so much more independent. I know she has to grow up but sometimes I just wish I could freeze time so I could enjoy every single moment again and again. 

There's something magical about how time goes by. When she comes by my house and we go out for ice cream or to the movies, she'll tell me about her friends or the boy she likes and I think back to when I was her age and going through what she's going through right now. I will always be there to give her the best advice I can and help her make the best decisions. I want her to fully enjoy her young life and be the amazing person she is meant to be (and already is). 

Here she is this March at one of our cousins' wedding. She's the classiest little girl.
She's definitely one of my favorite people in the entire world. And I'll always protect her no matter what. 

And now, some pictures!

Here we are at the same wedding I mentioned above, I look terrible but I love the picture. 

At Mother's Day last year. We both look so much younger!

She chose me as her Godmother for her Confirmation. I love this little girl.

Do you have any cousins whom you seriously consider to be your siblings? 

xo, Adrienne.