Thursday, July 24, 2014

Positivity Boosters on a tight schedule.

A while back, I wrote a few activities that I consider to be "Positivity Boosters" for when you're feeling exhausted or just plain gloomy. And I can swear that they work! I've tried them all. But the thing is, that while they are very efficient, we may not always have those 10 extra minutes to take a longer hot bath. With school and work and all, we may find ourselves practically running out the door and not feeling so great. 

So, whether you're feeling physically ill or just got the blues, I came up with these 6 "Positivity Boosters" that are sure to make you feel better while also saving you some precious time!

1. Have a "just in case" backup plan.
 If you read my blog regularly, I think you might know that I'm a bit of a control freak. I seriously like to think of anything that could happen in the future and plan it out so I can be prepared. I keep a planner and also write down anything that comes to mind so I'm sure that I won't forget it. A lot of people (example: my friends) would think that it's exhausting to live like this but the thing is, that I really enjoy doing things this way. So my advice to you, is that sometimes it would be nice for yourself to have sort of a backup plan. A "just in case I have a bad morning/afternoon" plan. Decide on how you will handle the situation if it ever comes up. You'll thank yourself that you thought about it beforehand, trust me. 

2. Have a go-to "feel good" outfit. 
When I am in a bad mood everything seems to piss me off. But the biggest pet peeve I can encounter in the morning I think is; looking awful in an outfit that I somehow thought looked nice on me before. Whether I feel fat or my legs look as pale as the moon, it just contributes to making my morning less bearable. So, I have a few go-to outfits that I know for certain look good on me. If I put one of those on there's one less problem on my mind. So I recommend you do the same. Figure out which of your clothes look best on you and pick an outfit in which you can do no wrong. Feeling great in an outfit is something that I consider to be seriously underrated. 

3. Count your blessings. 
This one is perhaps the hardest step for most people. When you're having a bad time, being grateful is probably the last thing on your mind. But I have personally realized that being thankful for what you have been given, is one of life's greatest joys. When we're young we sometimes don't realize just how good we have it, how much God or the Universe has given to each of us. I used to seriously hate when people said to me; "You could have it worse...". Those words wouldn't just not help me, but put me in a much worse mood. I thought it made the person saying it sound so condescending, and it kind of does. So at risk of sounding like one of those people, I really advice you to take a small step back and look at all you have been given. I think we all have our own little blessings/miracles to be grateful for. 

4. Have a "pick me up".
This is sort of a no-brainer. Especially if what's bothering you is a really bad migraine or the flu. Feeling sick but not sick enough to miss school or your job, really sucks. The solution? Take a pill. Maybe an Aspirin for a headache or a Tums for an aching tummy. I'm not talking about self-medicating though, just a little "pick me up" for until you have time to go see a doctor if the pain continues. Another good solution is tea. I used to be very skeptical towards how tea could really change how you're feeling. Until, one day I was freaking out (don't ask me why) and drank a cup of it and felt totally better. I will never again underestimate the power of a good cup of tea.

5. Try to smile more.
I was reading an article the other day, about how smiling can instantly improve your mood. I was impressed! It really does have to do with science. When we're happy; we smile as a respond. It can work the other way too! If you smile; you can convince your body that you are actually feeling good. It really is amazing. Another small tip: every morning, decide that something good is going to happen and that you are in an awesome kick a*s mood!

6. Buy a Minimergency Kit or make your own.
I think a definite must have in my purse/bag/backpack will forever and always be Pinch Provision's Minimergency Kits. These little guys are huge lifesavers (oh, the irony)! They are amazing compact kits that include sample sizes of things like; clear nail polish, a sewing kit, earring backs, nail polish remover towelettes, deodorant towelettes, stain remover towelettes, a tiny hairspray bottle, and more! They come in really adorable packages, I have a turquoise one at the moment. I use the Minimergency ones because they are so easy to carry around. But check out their site, they have bigger survival kits. Having one of these, can assure you that you will always be prepared! If you live in Mexico or another country other than the US, you can simply make your own emergency kit. Just stuff a cosmetics bag with your daily essentials and you are ready to take on the world! 

I hope you found all these tips helpful! 

xo, Adrienne. 

Like a sister.

I've said this many times before; family is the most important thing to me. My family members are those who make my life brighter and a bit more bearable with every day that goes by. 

I've also mentioned my baby cousin before. This little girl (she's not a baby anymore but I can't seem to grasp that concept...), means the world to me. She was born when I was 10 years old, and since then, I've considered her a little sister. We have always spent a lot of quality time together and I really think that we're very much alike. 

She's about to turn 11 this year and I swear that every time I see her she just looks more and more grown up, which sort of kills me inside. I just want to hold on to her 3 year old self forever. The nostalgia is just too much. 

This year when I turned 21, she wrote me the sweetest letter. I still cry when I read it, I'm such a softie. I love how even though I have like 30 other cousins (seriously), everyone seems to know that at family dinners her seat is always the one next to mine. I love all my cousins the same, but there is just something about my little one that makes our bond super special. 

I'm the one on the left, I was about 12. My sister is the one on the right and my lil' cousin is the one in the middle. Look at that cute little face!

I think that I will forever have her in my mind as this adorable baby whom I used to take care of. I still take care of her, only now she is so much more independent. I know she has to grow up but sometimes I just wish I could freeze time so I could enjoy every single moment again and again. 

There's something magical about how time goes by. When she comes by my house and we go out for ice cream or to the movies, she'll tell me about her friends or the boy she likes and I think back to when I was her age and going through what she's going through right now. I will always be there to give her the best advice I can and help her make the best decisions. I want her to fully enjoy her young life and be the amazing person she is meant to be (and already is). 

Here she is this March at one of our cousins' wedding. She's the classiest little girl.
She's definitely one of my favorite people in the entire world. And I'll always protect her no matter what. 

And now, some pictures!

Here we are at the same wedding I mentioned above, I look terrible but I love the picture. 

At Mother's Day last year. We both look so much younger!

She chose me as her Godmother for her Confirmation. I love this little girl.

Do you have any cousins whom you seriously consider to be your siblings? 

xo, Adrienne. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Classic Rock Junkie.

The other day, I noticed that I was in a very foul mood. You know those days where the Universe seems to be conspiring against you?

For example, say you're working on some homework (which you would rather not be doing) and you suddenly drop your pen. You bend down to pick it up and in the process the rest of your pencils, markers and other pens fall to the ground too. 

I mean, seriously? 

Well, I was having one of those days. And I couldn't even put my finger on what the real reason was.

It wasn't until later that same day, I realized that I hadn't listened to a single song in the whole day! It sounds completely ridiculous but music is a really big part of my day. I get so motivated when I listen to my favorite songs, and I guess the fact that I hadn't heard a single song in the entire day really got to me. 

It got me to thinking that I have the weirdest music taste ever. I mean, if you look into my Spotify account, you'll find that my top frequently played artists are probably: Foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult, Ozzy Osbourne and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Classic Rock is, I think, my top music genre. And when you meet me in person (and I will most likely be wearing some shade of pink) I don't really look like the type of person who idolizes bands like Black Sabbath or AC/DC, but the thing is, I actually do. I'm not one to buy into the whole stereotype thing, but most people are, so I guess that's what surprises them when I confess that I really do know all the lyrics to "Sympathy for The Devil". 

When it comes to music I have to say, my dad influenced my taste hugely. I remember he would play Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" on the cassette player. THE CASSETTE PLAYER! Who even has one anymore? I fell in love with all of those amazing anthems and hence, my lifelong obsession with badass rock. 

It's not that I don't like other music (example: today's hits), because I mean I'm still 21 and living in this era. But, I do prefer chilling out to these tunes rather than some overly-auto-tuned-and-terribly-written pop song. Although, the first CD I bought like, ever, was Britney Spears' Oops...I did it again. I mean, this definitely counts as a classic, okay?!

It may be weird and kind of unlikely for someone my age and in my situation, but I really do love my taste in music. It's another aspect of myself that renders me unique. And I absolutely love that. 

*kisskiss* - Adrienne. 

Fashion Inspired By: Family & Friends Part I

Some time ago I wrote a couple of posts called Fashion Inspired By: My Favorite Literary Characters. You can read Part I here, and Part II here. I also did one inspired by the Hogwarts Houses. Yeah, I'm THAT kind of Harry Potter freak, ha! You can read that one here.

I just want to make something clear, these posts are not an exact replica of how these people or characters dress. They are a lot more of what I pick up from their personal styles by looking at them or spending time with them. They are my own interpretation of their different styles.
Anyway, this time I thought it would be fun to inspire my next two (or more?) posts on real people. And by real people I mean, people I know (and love!) personally. So, here it goes...
Fashion Inspired By: Family & Friends! 

Melissa Parra (baby sis)

From left to right; E.L.F Blush, H&M lace trim top, Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain in Beloved, Topshop Petite Ankle Leggings, Gap Heathered Open Front Cardigan, Repetto Cendrillon Leather Ballerinas, Henri Bendel Debutante Pearl Stud Earrings, Pretaportobello Dragonfly Necklace, L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Extension Mascara.

First up is my adorable little sis; Melissa (note: she's only a year younger than me!). Having a sister who is the same size as you in clothing and shoes, is kind of what dreams are made of! All our lives we've never really shared clothes, each of us has our own entirely different closets. But it is fun to swap clothes every once in a while. Though, I do have to say, our personal styles are extremely different. Sometimes, I'll wear a shirt, skirt or dress that my sister would never wear. Or sometimes I pick out an accessory (*cough, cough* most recently an edgy ear cuff) that my sister admits is cool, although again, she would not wear herself. Or sometimes it's the other way around. However, I've come to admire the way she dresses with every day that goes by. She has this very clean and simple way of putting her outfits together. And I have noticed that her favorite colors are almost always nude tones or pastels. She once told me one of her favorite stores were The Gap and H&M hence the cardigan and the lace trim top; both of them in soft nude tones. My sister has this weird fixation with wearing leggings, she just loves them. Especially in black. So I picked out these pair from Topshop. 

The same "less is more" rule applies to her makeup, I think. She uses the same mascara I do, which I really can't reccomend enough; L'Oreal's Double Extend Lash Extension Mascara. It just makes eyelashes pop. For her lips she always uses the same lip stain (she adores it) by Revlon. Recently, she told me her favorite makeup brand was E.L.F Cosmetics because, drumroll's cheap and it has great quality. And I can't argue with her there, they definitely have some pretty great quality products, and the awesome prices are just a bonus!

For accessories, I decided on a Dragonfly Necklace by Pretaportobello because she actually does have a dragonfly necklace. She loves dragonflies because of what they represent; change and going beyond self created illusions. They do actually remind me of her. And for earrings, simple pearl studs. Because you just can't go wrong with classy pearls, am I right?

Paola Reyes (my not related but equally loved cousin)

From left to right; Miss Selfridge Double Layer Cami Top, Clinique Powder Blush,  Hollister Bettys Overalls,  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Keds Taylor Swift Trainers, Bracelets: Baublebar Cape Knot bracelet, Michael Kors Heart Chain bracelet, Juicy Couture Pave Color Crush Genuine Beaded bracelet, Essie nail polish in Peach Daiquiri. 

Next up is my "not-actually-related" cousin, but whom I love just as much as any blood relative; Paola. I've known this girl for a really long time and she is definitely one of my favorite people and one of my best friends. Right now she's studying abroad in New Zealand, and I miss her like crazy because she's been there for almost a year now! She comes back home on July 2nd and I am just counting the hours, seriously. Paola's style (and her personality too, by the way...) is very laid back and she definitely knows how to take fashion risks! I recently saw a picture of her wearing short overalls and I don't think anyone but her could have pulled it off. I loved that she paired them off with a simple white tank top, which just made the whole outfit look very fresh and relaxed. The options I chose were a pair of overalls from Hollister and a cami top from Miss Selfridge. For shoes, I picked out these adorable floral sneakers by Keds which I think are the Taylor Swift edition. These are also a lot like the sneakers she was wearing in the picture. The shoes and the clothes just make the perfect outfit for hiking out Down Under, don't you think?

When it comes to makeup, Paola also likes to keep it pretty fresh and clean. She actually does use this exact same blush from Clinique. For her lashes, I chose Maybelline's Great Lash mascara because as I always say, you can't do better than the classics. And if I'm not mistaken, Paola has said this some time before.
 I don't think I've ever seen Paola out and about without having her nails done. She is always wearing at least one bright and daring color of nail polish and I respect that; plain nails are boring. 

Accessory-wise, it's not very common to see her without her array of stack-on bracelets. I like to think she's that kind of girl who wears bracelets from different special moments in her life. Like for example, one that was a gift from her boyfriend or a woven bracelet which she bought from the natives in New Zealand. 

Sofia Osorio (my actual cousin, love her!)

From left to right; Oakwood leather jacket, Kate Spade New York small square stud earrings in clear/gold, Mango skinny jeans, Alice + Olivia Amal Boxy Tank, Converse Women's All Star sneakers, M.A.C Viva Glam II lipstick in A33 Matte, Maybelline Falsies Waterproof mascara, M.A.C Mineralize Blush in Love Joy.

Next up is my actual blood related cousin; Sofia. I love this girl. She is kind of my confidant, I tell her everything. Boys, friends, anything really! We can talk for hours and she always has the best advice. She is just so mature for her age! She turns 17 this August and I feel like time is going by so quickly. Since we were kids, we've always gotten along so well, no matter the 4 year age difference! We were always making up creative and entertaining games; we once even pretended we were running our own magazine! It was so great. Moving on, as well as her personality Sofia's style is just so chic and classy. Every time, I approve more and more of the way she dresses. I picked a tank from Alice + Olivia which I thought looked A LOT like one she was wearing a couple weeks ago when we went to the movies. And she was wearing it with a brown leather jacket which also looked a lot like this one from Oakwood. For bottoms I chose these skinny jeans from Mango, which would look incredible on her. And for shoes, white Converse sneakers that she was in fact wearing the day of the movies. The overall look is simple but amazingly classy and trendy! 

Sofia's not much of an accessories girl I think, so I just picked these cute square stud earrings from Kate Spade New York. 

And for makeup, this is the actual lipstick she uses; M.A.C Viva Glam II lipstick in A33 Matte. I think this tone looks amazing on her! The other day she told me that she was currently trying out Maybelline's Falsies Waterproof mascara and that she was in love with it because it really never smudged. Great tip to know for summer! For blush she uses M.A.C Mineralize blush in Love Joy which looks great with her tan skin tone. 

Regina Gonzalez (one of my best friends)

From left to right; Forever 21 Love 21 sparkling lipgloss, Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash mascara, Kate Spade New York small square stud earrings in clear/silver, Ralph Lauren Sullivan super skinny dark wash jeans, Dune Kacey leather embellished sandals, H&M sleeveless blouse, NARS Cosmetics Blush in Orgasm. 

And last but most definitely not least, is one of my best friends; Regina. This girl is a beloved friend of mine. She is the kind of girl who is seriously super nice. I really can't think of anyone who doesn't like her. She's mature and well composed while still being silly when we're having fun. She's also the kind of friend with whom you have the greatest time when you're either drinking coffee together or at the club late at night! If I had to describe Regina's style I would say, SOPHISTICATED. She always looks classy and up to date, trend-wise speaking I mean. She definitely knows how to pull of the night-to-day transition look! So, I chose this cute soft pink top from H&M and paired it off with these pair of dark wash skinny jeans from Ralph Lauren. To finish of the look I picked these embellished sandals from Dune. I can SO see her wearing this. 

For accessories, I chose a pair of Kate Spade New York square stud earrings in clear/silver which are actually a lot like a pair of diamond studs I saw her wearing once. As well as Sofia, Regina keeps it pretty simple on the accessories. 

For makeup, I picked this lipgloss I got her from Forever 21 the last time I traveled to the US. I love that because she's blonde and tan, she can pull this adorable light pink color off! I would look so washed out. For her lashes, which by the way are like super long and nice, I chose Benefit's BADgal Lash mascara because I've heard such wonders about it! I definitely have to try it out myself. And for blush, I picked NARS blush in Orgasm which I myself own and can say that it is definitely worth the splurge! It looks great on any skin tone!

So, these girls make up the first part of my Fashion Inspired By: Family & Friends. Like I said, I enjoyed writing this post so much I will get working on the second part ASAP! 

What do you think?

*kisskiss* -Adrienne. 

Inspiration Boards.

This post is about a creative and personal aspect of my life that I would like to share. So, here goes...

Inspiration Boards. 

All my life I've collected clippings of pictures I like in magazines and kept them somewhere. When I was very young I would keep them in different places like; folders, cardboard boxes and even in notebooks sometimes. But as I grew up I decided that I should turn my hobby into something creative and dare I say ARTISTIC? 
When I was about 10 I asked my Grandma about a bulletin board that was in my grandparents’ house and seeing as I was so interested in it she gave it to me! Got to love your grandparents, am I right? It didn't take me longer than a few weeks until I was already gathering my favorite pictures and any other thing that I liked and pinning it on my new board. 

A decade and a year later and I'm proud to say that my adored bulletin board has been remodeled so many times that I can't even count them. Over the years, the things I love and think that deserve to be on my board have been on it. And right now is no exception. This is the "Inspiration Board" (as I like to call it) that's currently in my bedroom. I add anything that I think will inspire me to be more creative. 

Check it out below...

Overall Look
The image above is basically how the whole thing looks like. As I mentioned before, it has everything I like pinned on it, from magazine clippings, pictures of family and myself, sketches I have drawn, silly polaroids with a friend from Denmark, "fortune cookie" quotes, and even a few stand out souvenirs from trips. To pin everything on it I use some simple Acco gold thumbtacks I got at my local Office Depot.

Left top side

From top to bottom, the first thing you can spot is a sketch I drew that has one of my initial letters "S" and the imaginary Hogwart's House I think I would belong to, that is if Houses combinations were a thing...Hufflepuff + Ravenclaw = Ravenpuff. Why not? Haha!

Next to that is a magazine clipping I found in a magazine about Natalia Alaverdian, who is the fashion director of Harper Bazaar Russia. She is also a huge style icon and a great source for fashion inspiration. You know me, right? I'm a die-hard fashion magazine buff! Sigh. 

The few pictures below and beside Natalia Alaverdian's profile are more magazine clippings which feature either backstage beauty looks from fashion shows (sleek ponytails and bright fuschia lips? YES, PLEASE), Guess Ads ( I love their advertisments! They're just the right amount of retro/glam), Teen Vogue Photoshoots (the girl with the dog is Victoria Justice; I love the dress and sweater combo!) a VOGUE subscription I kept, a couple looks from the Moschino Chic and Cheap and the Holly Fulton runways, and a picture of a Louis Vuitton travel bag with a few luxury beauty products inside it (and Chanel flats!)

The more unique pieces I have on this side of the board are...
A hot pink Sobranie Cocktail Cigarette I got from a classmate who had just gone to Europe, a couple of Fortune Cookie quotes which really spoke to me, a Polaroid a friend and I took with an Abercrombie and Fitch male model ( HE WAS SO DREAMY) in their 5th Ave. store in New York, and last but certainly not least, a picture of about 7 years ago I have with my baby cousin who's like a sister to me, and my actual sister who is probably going to kill me for posting this, ha! Both of them are two of my favorite people in the world and to see their faces everytime I glance at my board just brightens my day. 

And we're on to the left bottom side!

Left bottom side
I left off on the picture of my sister and my cousin so, below that is a strip of photo booth pics I took with the same friend in the Abercrombie one, she's from Denmark and we got along while on a school trip to New York; there were a couple of photo booths inside the Forever 21 on Times Square and we figured why not make a few more memories? The results were some pretty goofy looking faces which I'm sure you can tell we completely improvised.
Next to that is a magazine clipping of super-cool model Cara Delevingne in a red hot dress and contrasting black combat boots. A few more miscellaneous pictures of outfits I found in yet more (!!!) magazines and a profile of the amazing fashion blogger Hanneli Mustaparta whose style I adore; she always looks so chic! On top of Miss Mustaparta's profile is a picture I printed off my laptop of Anna and Elsa, the sisters from the Disney movie Frozen. I have said before that I relate to Elsa a lot because of many personal reasons and my sister and I think our relationship has a lot of similarities with that of Elsa and Anna.

And on to the right bottom side!

Right bottom side
Next to Hanneli Mustaparta's profile is a photo of Georgia May Jagger (which in this shot is really hard to notice...sorry about that!), daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Mick Jagger is the lead singer of Rolling Stones and since they are one of my top ten favorite bands, here is his daughter! Ha, no but seriously, Georgia herself is a model and represented British Fashion alongside (the Queen) Kate Moss in the 2012 London Olympic Games, she's kind of an idol for me, too! 
Next to Georgia's picture is a few red carpet looks starring; Cameron Diaz in Oscar De La Renta and Taylor Swift in Marchesa. 

More pics of models from various magazines and we're on to the right top side!

Right top side

On the very top and at the very right edge, there's a runway look of Elie Saab which I loved (I actually love ALL their looks!) MORE models, a picture of the sea (oh, the serenity...) and a picture of the ever lovely Poppy Delevingne. Actual three dimensional objects include: a clipping that says "Girl of the Moment", two pieces of candy that I got from an exposition at the MET Museum; they were giving them away as part of the art! Actually, right below the candy you can spot the little pin they give you when you enter the MET. Last but not least (finally, ha...) is a little chart I kept from a box of colored pencils. I kept it because I like the way it looks on my board and also because this way it's easier to see what colors I'm actually working with when I'm drawing.

So, that pretty much sums up the Inspiration Board I have on my bedroom wall right now. Oh, I almost forgot. In the back you can see the plum-colored wall behind the board which I painted by myself! Well, me and a friend. I loved the deep and strong tone!

What do you think? Do you have an Inspiration Board?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne. 

The Ups and Downs of Loving A Self-Destructive Person.

It's a fact that sometimes we get attached to certain people in our lives, who we know are not the best influence on us. These people can be any type of relationship; family, friends, a romantic interest, etc.
The thing with these relationships is that no matter how much we love them and care for them, we will most likely end up getting hurt ourselves. Loving someone who is self-destructive can often lead to a suffering that is entirely our own.

Maybe recognizing that someone you love so much is making your life really hard isn't the easiest thing to do. I know this because I've been there myself. But it certainly is a step you need to take so you can start living your life to the fullest. 

We may feel that helping this person with their problems is the best option because it probably is. When we love someone, we help them get up every time they fall and we are there when every one else is not. We want to support them and hold their hand through the hard times. Yes, I know relationships are complicated and none of them are perfect. But this issue shows up when the bad times are greater in quantity than the good times.

So, when does all this start to fall apart? 

  • When their actions begin to affect our own mental health and well being.
  • When no matter how much we've tried helping them, they just don't seem to want to get better. 
  • When we are no longer helping them but rather handling almost EVERYTHING in their lives. 
  • When we realize we are just being dragged into a lifestyle that isn't healthy for neither of us.

Personally, I've always been a very loyal person. When I love someone, be it as a friend, family member or any other relationship, I tend to really care about their well being and happiness. I still am very loyal and sincere, but some time ago I had a type of wake up call. I realized that some of my "friendships" or relationships were hurting me more than it was really necessary. I believe that some times you have to cut free from certain people, who no offense (honestly) are just no good for you. You may not feel appreciated and the truth is that it is completely respectable that you put yourself first. Because as they say, how can you help someone else if you yourself are not okay?

I am in no way saying that you stop loving these people. You just won't love them in a way where they hurt you repeatedly. Trust me, it's better to know where you really stand. And in some cases, keeping your distance is the best solution.

I loved Chuck and Blair, but I have to admit that their relationship was extremely toxic.

What do you think? Have you ever been in a self-destructive relationship?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Unrequited Love.

Okay, I thought it was time for a deeper and more familiar topic for everyone.


Every girl has met at least one in her life, it doesn't matter if you're Emma Watson or Megan Fox (note: they have had their fair share of heartbreak too...) or have an insanely attractive personality. No. We have all fallen for some guy who we like so much that when we see him, our knees get weak and our palms start getting clammy. Thoughts race through our minds so quickly we mistake this deep attraction for...uh-oh; LOVE.

First of all, a "crush" is supposedly meant to last about four months and then we usually forget about it and go on with our lives. However, it is said that if this crush lasts more than four months, you have "unmistakably fallen in love". YEAH, RIGHT! Many times we think to ourselves that we must be in love, right? I mean, this guy is just oh-so perfect and when you talk to him you smile like an idiot and have to bite your tongue and hope you didn't blush in front of him and he noticed the whole thing ("OMG I AM THINKING TOO MUCH AND FORGOT WHAT HE JUST SAID TO ME") and all that cheesy romantic stuff. So IT MUST BE LOVE. Well, I'm nothing if not a sucker for romance...but trust me, it might just be an obsession. 

An obsession?! How dare I suggest such a thing?!

I know, I know. I hate the term too but to be honest, it's not so much an obsession with the guy but an obsession with the idea of loving/liking the guy. Have you ever heard the term "In love with love"? That's just it, we convince ourselves that we like or love this guy and every thing about him that we create a false idea of romance. We fall in love with the idea of falling in love. So many girls I know do this (myself included) and it hurts me so badly when they end up getting hurt by some jackass who doesn't even know what he wants for dinner in a few hours let alone who he wants to be with at the moment. There are of course, exceptions. Some men are just gentlemen. Wink wink.
Sadly, in most cases (and this applies to any other topic other than love and romance) if you chase after something, the only thing you'll manage to do will be to drive it further away from you.

Chasing after a guy who doesn't like you the way you like him is like trying to squeeze that impossible blackhead on your nose which for no reason whatsoever, is set in your mind to be the ONE blackhead that you absolutely have to squeeze. You've already made up your mind, the blackhead must lose and you must win. The more you try to get rid of whatever gross stuff is inside, the more it will resist and the nastier the outcome will be. Also, waking up the next day with a blotchy, red and scarred nose is never a pretty experience.

So it goes with guys. The guy is mildly (or in most cases not at all) interested in us, and yet we insist on calling/texting him, mentioning him on Twitter, posting on his timeline, or whatever other social network we've all used before. This only pushes the guy further away from us, and in an attempt to try and regain his attention we repeat the seemingly endless vicious cycle.

One may think, "Well, this world is only getting more modern by the minute. It's about time us girls made the first move...". NO. Like, seriously stop right there. I myself, am totally guilty of committing this terrible crime, and trust me, all the situations that I've had of the likes have not gone well. It may seem fine the first time you do it, but then next time he is thinking of contacting you in any way, he'll just think "Hmm, she texted me last time. I think I'll wait for her to do it again...". And then, you do it a second time and from that moment on it turns into a very ugly habit.

It's plain human nature to want something we can't have, and the more it "runs away from us" the more desirable this object seems. I've found it so common that I believe I like someone, and it turns out I just wanted him to like me because he was the only guy who didn't like me. I don't know if this applies to many other people, but it does seem like a fair explanation for all this "he loves me/he loves me not" dilemma.

To wrap things up, this issue not only presents itself with girls. It also happens to guys. I just don't get how we (again, myself included) are all so willing to fall for people who we know deep inside, don't deserve our affection because of the mere fact they are not giving it back to us. We just keep making up excuses and waiting for some kind of sign to tell us that, we should hold on to that person. When in reality, the love we have for ourselves should come first so then we can love other people fully. If there is something I've learned in my whole life, is that if affection or care is not given freely by another person it is definitely not worth your time.

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Growing Up (a.k.a. Birthday Girl)

Note: this post was originally written in January of this same year. Since I had to start over with my blog (starring a new name!), I'm uploading all of my previous posts. So here it is again. 

Oh. Sweet. Lord.

I'm turning 21 this Thursday. That sentence in itself is enough to freak me out right now. As everyone has sometime experienced, I don't even know how to feel about growing up. I think to myself; "Growing up? God, no. I'm an adult, I have been one for this whole last year." How? I don't know, life just happens.

I am tempted to sometimes feel like I want to freeze or slow down time, but then I remember that the future really excites me. And part of that excitement is feeling anxious about what's about to come. I have so many amazing things planned out for myself that the thought can sometimes be overwhelming.
A lot of women stop feeling excited about their birthdays because well, we are getting older every year. But I think that getting older involves gaining strength and experience. Growing wiser with every moment that goes by. I mean, I know 21 is not even "old". But it certainly is a transitioning age. The age you have to reach to be legal in every country. To drink and gamble in America and what not. An age in which you are kind of expected to have your life together.

I was talking to my little cousin the other day. She was born when I was 10, and ever since she's been like a little sister to me. I even got to change her diapers and feed her when I was like 11. She's ten years old right now, and I can't seem to help but feel plain scared when she talks about people my age. She asked me when I was planning on getting married...
My response? I was dead silent. I don't even have a boyfriend. And not currently looking for that kind of thing. It just amazes me that she sees me like this full grown woman. Am I the one who's wrong here? Or maybe it's just that she (in her ten year old mind) sees me as someone who's been through so much.
I still feel like I'm learning so much, and I sometimes even feel like a teen still. But I guess that when I was ten years old I saw people who were 21 as like big business people or something. I do not intend on getting married anytime soon or GOD FORBID popping out babies.

Definitely ready for some delicious birthday cake.

The thing is, time really does fly. One moment you're begging your mom to let you go out on the weekends and the next, your idea of a great night is watching an awesome movie or maybe reading your favorite book while drinking hot cocoa. This year, I really want it to be special. And maybe it's just because of the pressure I KNOW everyone feels on birthdays (wanting everything to go exactly the way you imagine it) but I am really looking forward to wearing my best smile and giving it my all. It is after all, MY SPECIAL DAY.

Now, let the celebrations begin! Also, I need cake.

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Fashion Inspired by: Hogwarts Houses (Formal Dinner Party)

It is perfectly clear that I am a die-hard Potterhead.

I simply love anything that has to do with the Harry Potter universe. I also happen to be crazy about fashion so when the two clash, it becomes paradise for me.

Last time I did a post on Outfits Inspired by my favorite (female) characters, and this time I started the first part on a series I like to call Fashion Inspired by: Hogwarts' Houses. The first part is (fanfare, please!) FORMAL DINNER PARTY. So here they are; the outfits which represent every one of the Houses. Choose yours!


I really feel like Slytherin is one of the hardest houses to take inspiration from (the other one being Hufflepuff) because of its colors; green and silver. You have to be really careful when combining the two because you do not want it to look tacky. In Slytherin's case, less is more I think. Anyway, I decided on a striped and simple black/silver dress and beautiful emerald stud earrings. For the shoes I thought the best choice was to pair the dress off with these awesome silver Gianvito Rossi heels.

Next up Gryffindor! Scarlet and gold are its colors and I absolutely LOVED this scarlet dress. It is so classy and yet fiery, which I think are definitely the best two traits of the Gryffindor House. I landed on this very delicate pearl necklace with a gold chain. And for the shoes I picked these breathtaking Manolo Blahnik heels. What is is with me and metallic shoes?! I loved this one. 

Ravenclaw, its colors are blue and bronze which for me were quite easy to put together because I've noticed that one of my favorite colors for clothing is blue. I almost ALWAYS dress in it. I decided on an amazing skater type dress in a very satisfying blue hue. I chose a couple of sparkling bronze earrings and for the shoes, cobalt suede Manolo Blahniks!

And last but not least, Hufflepuff. Black and yellow are the House's colors and like I said before it was a bit complicated to work with the color yellow. Some people may think that the tone is canary yellow, but it actually is a bit more mustard-ish. I found this beautiful mustard colored dress which I think is quite nice. I paired it off with a very elegant sparkling black and gold necklace and wrapped up the outfit with a couple of simple black Louboutins, because who doesn't love a pair am I right?!

So that's the four of the Houses, and since I am somewhere in between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw I can't quite choose one. I call myself a "RAVENPUFF". Which one would you wear?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne. 

Positivity Boosters.

Lately, I've been seriously distracted by ANYTHING. It reminds me of when I was a little girl, that even when I wanted to pay attention to something that I was interested in, I would get distracted by even the simplest of things. Over time, I've learned to stay focused but recently I've been going a little out of my way.

Just a few hours ago I caught myself watching fan made videos about Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy set to pop songs like Cascada's "Bad Boy" (GOD, what is wrong with me?! Hahaha).

I started to wonder about the reason I may be procrastinating so much lately, and I came to the conclusion that I'm actually stressed out. Some times when we feel like we have too much on our plates we start making excuses for completing tasks at another time or simply not doing them. The root of this problem is that I'm stressed out and even though I know that, I still keep writing goals on my daily to-do lists and overwhelm myself with activities. And after I feel overwhelmed, I consequently start feeling the negativity invading my thoughts and actions. It is a terrible vicious cycle that has to be stopped right now.

So, at this moment I may need to relax. I feel like I can function better when I am calm and have a clear mind. There are a bunch of little things I like to do so I can relax for a while and then tackle my goals. Of course the first and main one is to write my thoughts down and go over them. Organizing my time and my tasks really does help.

Here are the other activities or "Positivity Boosters" that I think work best for me. Everyone can have different ones but the point is to find something that you like doing and takes your mind off things for a little while.

1. I'm a huge bookworm, and I really do believe in what JK Rowling once said; "Books are proof that humans can perform magic...". There is something so captivating about reading a great book and getting completely involved in the story. It's a great way to relax and put your real world thoughts on hold.

2. Indulging in your favorite drink is probably a great way to feel better. I for one, am addicted to Diet Coke, which I know is terrible but I'll stop one day, ha! Anyway, a nice cup of tea or coffee while you read can be just what you needed.

3. I know that taking naps can be complicated. Like when you wake up from one and don't even know what day it is. But if you schedule an alarm it can be pretty satisfying. Forgetting about everything for an hour or so can really make you feel ready to take on everything when you wake up.

4. Eat some chocolate. (WARNING: another Harry Potter reference.) I remember that in Harry Potter when a Dementor came around it was said by Lupin that if you ate some chocolate you would feel better. Dementors are like depression and they bring you down. Since chocolate is a natural mood booster it should definitely calm your nerves. Speaking from experience by the way.

5. Listening to music which you relate to or just LOVE can make you feel instantly better. Listening to something relaxing or something familiar can also boost your mood.

6. Pampering myself is something in which I really do spend a lot of time on. I like feeling clean and polished and that makes me feel relaxed. Taking a long shower or bath is such a luxury and I think everyone should take some time to do so.

7. Finally, watching one of your favorite movies or TV shows can also make you feel at peace. Since like reading, it takes your mind off any real life situations you may want to take a break from.

These are some of the things that help me relax, like I said they can be different depending on the person. Feeling well is something so important that I think it needs to take up more time in busy people's lives. Taking care of ourselves can sometimes be a little underrated.

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

New Year 2014.

Note: this post was written in December 2013 on The Chic Comedienne. Because I had to open up another URL, and also wanted to keep all my previous posts, here it is again. 

Wow, this has been a busy and somewhat difficult year.

I could complain, but I honestly think that the hard times I had this year presented themselves as obstacles which I needed to complete. Lessons more than anything. And boy, did I learn! As much as I thought I was mature before, I wasn't. I turned 20 this year, but it took me some time to know what being an "adult" means. And even now, I think I'm still learning.

Life can bring you down sometimes, and no matter how hard you try you cannot change the way other people act or think. All you can do is change and improve yourself.

That saying that goes "Happiness comes from the inside..." is totally true. You can't lead a positive and awesome life if you feel sad and gloomy on the inside. Faking it doesn't work either by the way, it just postpones the fall.

This New Year (and every new day, actually) is an opportunity for everyone to start from scratch. To pick yourself up and get it together. Take control of your life. Don't complain about what you don't have, work with what you do have. And make the best of it. Realize that you could be living the life of your dreams, right now. You never know if tomorrow will come, so make every moment worthwhile.

Happy New Year, and may 2014 be the BEST ONE! Make it so!

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.

Sister Bond.

I think in life, there is nothing more important than family. You don't choose family but in some magical way, family seems to choose you. Not even one family in this world is perfect, they all have different flaws and problems. And because they're the people whom you feel closest to, sometimes it's quite easy to get mad at them.
But even through the hard times, at the end of the day they are the ones who've known you your entire life and whether you like it or not, they will be there for many years more to come. Maybe you don't get along with every single member of your family, there are bound to be some exceptions. But still, I don't think there is something as unique as sharing a laugh with your family at the Christmas dinner table. 

This brings me to the one person who has undoubtedly been there EVERY SINGLE TIME. My sister. Highs and lows, ups and downs, laughs and even some snide comments. She is my favorite person in the whole world. She's my best friend. And not only because I don't have to explain the situation I have with the new guy I like (she knows it by heart), but because we share a bond that is even beyond friendship. Sisterhood. It's even kind of psychic. 

My sister and me as little girls. I was always the weird one ha! (right).

We can honestly laugh for hours since we share the same kind of dry humor, but even though we may be very similar in many ways, our personalities differ even more. 

We're opposites in a lot of things and I think this makes our bond even stronger. There are times when neither one of us can stand the other and God, there are even some times I just want to slap her across the face. But she is also the only person I know that I can't stay mad for more than 10 minutes.
My sister (left) and me (right) in Las Vegas.

Our teenage years were perhaps the most difficult, being that we were both in them at the same time (my sister is just a year younger than me). But this last year, we grew closer as ever. And I honestly can't thank God enough for that. New traditions and memories added to the bunch of the ones we have collected through the years. 

Again, my sister (left) and me (right) in Las Vegas.

This year my sister starts college and she's going out of town for four years. This may be the biggest challenge we've faced when it comes to our relationship. I will miss her like crazy, I already do. Still, I am sure this will be a great learning experience for both of us and an opportunity to grow in ways we haven't until recently. Not to mention that every time we see each other now, every moment will be even more treasured. 

Recently, Disney released an animated film called FROZEN. It's about two sisters who lose their parents and realize they only have one another for the rest of their lives. The older sister has a magical ice power that she can't control very well, and for this people fear/dislike her. But her younger sister knows who she really is. 
Elsa (left) and Anna (right) the sisters in Disney's new movie FROZEN.

I have not seen this movie, but I just can't wait to watch it. It reminds me of my sister and me (and the ice power being like my illness.) 

Elsa (the older sis) and her ice power in the movie; which reminds me of my illness. 

Even though I haven't seen one single scene of the movie, I already learned every song (LET IT GO BY DEMI LOVATO? DONE!) and I think I even know how it ends. The reason I haven't seen it is because in Mexico, not a lot of small children speak English, so naturally the movie is in Spanish. But I'm not used to watching movies in any language other than English, so I'm waiting for the internet or (sigh) DVD release.

There are so many wonderful things about the relationship I have with my sister that I cannot possibly list all of them in one single post! She is kind of my life companion and I know I will always have her, and she will ALWAYS have me. 

What about you? Do you share special bonds with your siblings?

*kisskiss* - Adrienne.