Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sporty trend.

If there's a trend I'm absolutely loving right now, it's the sporty trend.

I'm going to be honest here and admit that when I first heard about this trend I automatically assumed I would hate it. And it did take a while to grow on me. But right now I think it's amazing. I love how fresh and juvenile it is while still being chic and sophisticated. As you can see, my favorite colors to wear this trend in would be black, gray or white. You can go all out with this trend or just wear an accessory. It really is very versatile. I actually added three T by Alexander Wang items, two from H&M and two Nike ones, can't deny I'm a big fan of these brands! Not to mention they fit the trend oh-so-perfectly.

Here are the nine pieces I picked!


I loved this backpack. It's definitely the type of bag to spice up your everyday school look. Tough as nails and high fashion. 

This bra would look amazing beneath a loose top I think. I really like the black and white stripes. 

I want to wear this as a crop top so bad. I know it's a bikini top but like I said before: versatility is key here, guys.

This dress is what dreams are made of. I love everything about it. Fabric, color, shape, it's all good! I really want to pair it with running shoes. Maybe the ones I'll mention next?

I literally need to have these shoes. Either these or the white ones I will mention next. I have completely fallen for running shoes and I am not getting up anytime soon.

These sneakers remind me of when I was about 16 and had to buy all-white sneakers for school but also wanted to buy a stylish pair. I got these and they were a big deal for me back then. Now, they are back in style! 

 Satin track shorts? Yes, please! Whether you're actually running track or just hanging out, the relaxed fit on these shorts will make you look effortlessly cool. 

I am very much into wearing sweatpants when I'm not even working out. So why not wear these nice ones from T by Alexander Wang? The fit is lovely.

Again, I need these shoes! Black or white, they're both so beautiful and the print is just awesome. 

These are nine items that I really liked from the sporty trend. This trend is definitely one that I will be wearing more of. I just love it! What do you think of it?

Kiss, Adrienne. 

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