Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scream Queens.

I've always loved a great horror movie/TV show. And I also adore a storyline about bad b*tches who dress incredibly chic. So naturally, when I found out about Ryan Murphy's new TV series Scream Queens, I was beyond excited. I feel like it channels my personality on many levels. 

Powerful women, laugh-out-loud comedy, nail-biting terror and amazingly stylish outfits, oh my!

It's going to be about a college campus that is "rocked by a series of murders". Interesting! The show will have Emma Roberts playing sorority sister Chanel Oberlin who from what I can tell is not only beautiful and classy but also a bit evil. I think she will be a very interesting character (I mean, her name is CHANEL, what more do you need?!) and I can't wait to see how the series turns out. 

Ryan Murphy also created American Horror Story and Glee. And people are saying Scream Queens will be sort of a mix between the two. Count me in! 

It is set to air this fall. 

Scream Queens is me, people. It is totally me. 

love, Adrienne.

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