Thursday, July 24, 2014

Positivity Boosters on a tight schedule.

A while back, I wrote a few activities that I consider to be "Positivity Boosters" for when you're feeling exhausted or just plain gloomy. And I can swear that they work! I've tried them all. But the thing is, that while they are very efficient, we may not always have those 10 extra minutes to take a longer hot bath. With school and work and all, we may find ourselves practically running out the door and not feeling so great. 

So, whether you're feeling physically ill or just got the blues, I came up with these 6 "Positivity Boosters" that are sure to make you feel better while also saving you some precious time!

1. Have a "just in case" backup plan.
 If you read my blog regularly, I think you might know that I'm a bit of a control freak. I seriously like to think of anything that could happen in the future and plan it out so I can be prepared. I keep a planner and also write down anything that comes to mind so I'm sure that I won't forget it. A lot of people (example: my friends) would think that it's exhausting to live like this but the thing is, that I really enjoy doing things this way. So my advice to you, is that sometimes it would be nice for yourself to have sort of a backup plan. A "just in case I have a bad morning/afternoon" plan. Decide on how you will handle the situation if it ever comes up. You'll thank yourself that you thought about it beforehand, trust me. 

2. Have a go-to "feel good" outfit. 
When I am in a bad mood everything seems to piss me off. But the biggest pet peeve I can encounter in the morning I think is; looking awful in an outfit that I somehow thought looked nice on me before. Whether I feel fat or my legs look as pale as the moon, it just contributes to making my morning less bearable. So, I have a few go-to outfits that I know for certain look good on me. If I put one of those on there's one less problem on my mind. So I recommend you do the same. Figure out which of your clothes look best on you and pick an outfit in which you can do no wrong. Feeling great in an outfit is something that I consider to be seriously underrated. 

3. Count your blessings. 
This one is perhaps the hardest step for most people. When you're having a bad time, being grateful is probably the last thing on your mind. But I have personally realized that being thankful for what you have been given, is one of life's greatest joys. When we're young we sometimes don't realize just how good we have it, how much God or the Universe has given to each of us. I used to seriously hate when people said to me; "You could have it worse...". Those words wouldn't just not help me, but put me in a much worse mood. I thought it made the person saying it sound so condescending, and it kind of does. So at risk of sounding like one of those people, I really advice you to take a small step back and look at all you have been given. I think we all have our own little blessings/miracles to be grateful for. 

4. Have a "pick me up".
This is sort of a no-brainer. Especially if what's bothering you is a really bad migraine or the flu. Feeling sick but not sick enough to miss school or your job, really sucks. The solution? Take a pill. Maybe an Aspirin for a headache or a Tums for an aching tummy. I'm not talking about self-medicating though, just a little "pick me up" for until you have time to go see a doctor if the pain continues. Another good solution is tea. I used to be very skeptical towards how tea could really change how you're feeling. Until, one day I was freaking out (don't ask me why) and drank a cup of it and felt totally better. I will never again underestimate the power of a good cup of tea.

5. Try to smile more.
I was reading an article the other day, about how smiling can instantly improve your mood. I was impressed! It really does have to do with science. When we're happy; we smile as a respond. It can work the other way too! If you smile; you can convince your body that you are actually feeling good. It really is amazing. Another small tip: every morning, decide that something good is going to happen and that you are in an awesome kick a*s mood!

6. Buy a Minimergency Kit or make your own.
I think a definite must have in my purse/bag/backpack will forever and always be Pinch Provision's Minimergency Kits. These little guys are huge lifesavers (oh, the irony)! They are amazing compact kits that include sample sizes of things like; clear nail polish, a sewing kit, earring backs, nail polish remover towelettes, deodorant towelettes, stain remover towelettes, a tiny hairspray bottle, and more! They come in really adorable packages, I have a turquoise one at the moment. I use the Minimergency ones because they are so easy to carry around. But check out their site, they have bigger survival kits. Having one of these, can assure you that you will always be prepared! If you live in Mexico or another country other than the US, you can simply make your own emergency kit. Just stuff a cosmetics bag with your daily essentials and you are ready to take on the world! 

I hope you found all these tips helpful! 

xo, Adrienne. 

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